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White or odd color stools in young nursing puppies

You have a beautiful litter of bulldog puppies, mom has lots of milk and everything is going great until .......

You notice some of the puppies have foamy yellow or yellowish green stools. You see this problem when mom has lots of milk or you are bottle feeding .

The cause is overfeeding and overstimulation of the digestive tract . Digestive enzymes are depleted and the liver releases excess bile ( this is the green color you see ) If the problem is not addressed the stools will go from yellow-green to white ( the color of milk ) So basically milk passes right through without being digested, and this can be life threatening . There are several things you can do to correct this problem and get your puppies back on track .

If the puppies are nursing from their mother try extending the time between feedings ( ie if they nurse every 2 hours try extending the time between feedings to every 3 hours instead ) If you are bottle or tube feeding also extend the time between feedings . If the puppies are still having problems you can dilute the formula you are feeding with some extra water ( it makes it easier to digest )

Milk of magnesia ( or a similar antacid ) can be helpful when given to puppies with a yellow-green or white stool . A couple drops for an 8 ounce puppy every 1 to 3 hours for 3 to 4 times . Milk of magnesia is a laxative so don't overdo it, the benefit comes from the fact that it is an antacid .