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Rare Color Bulldogs

People believe that rare color bulldogs are just that “rare “. But they are not rare, because ethical
breeders don’t breed these colors. Breeders breeding for “color” only care about the color of the
puppies they produce. The more exotic the colors the higher the price tag ! Somewhere down
the list of priorities, is the health and temperament of the puppies they are producing. Color
comes first !

Black, Black and tan, chocolate, lilac and even merle are not desired colors in a bulldog. Some
of these colors are actually “ disqualified “ from the show ring. A chocolate bulldog is actually
a color called “ dudley “ in the bulldog standard and is an automatic disqualification from the
show ring. The color blue has genetic links to “ blue dog alopecia “  which results in hair loss
and skin problems.

Any ethical breeder can, by accident get a puppy with an undesirable color, but they only place
these puppies as pets and they are to be spayed or neutered. They don’t call these puppies “ rare “
and ask astonishing prices for them.