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Backward feet in bulldog puppies

Most bulldog puppies are born perfectly normal, but occasionally you can have one or more puppies
born with what looks like twisted legs, and the pads of their feet face upwards instead of downwards.

There is actually a name for this condition, and it happens in all breeds of dogs including
mixed breeds and even kittens.

The condition is called metatarsal hyperextension and is caused by bad positioning of the
puppy or kitten while they are in the uterus.
It is most often seen in large litters where the puppies are crowded. Imagine being packed like a sardine in a can !

The ligaments in the front of the hind legs are stretched, while the ligaments in the back of the
leg tighten, causing the legs to twist.

Veterinarians used to recommend euthanizing the puppy, but this condition is only temporary,
and after several weeks the ligaments will turn the leg back around and the puppy will be perfectly normal.