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Thinking about breeding?

If you are thinking about breeding your Bulldog, please do your research!
There are many things to consider BEFORE you breed.

Is your female healthy?
Does she have a good temperament?
Does your female conform to the standard?
What is your motivation for breeding her?
Is breeding your female worth risking her life?
There are many things that can and do go wrong, even for breeders with years of experience.
You could lose your female to pregnancy complications, or while she is under anesthetic.
Do you have the time and money to raise a litter?
Puppies are usually born by c-section, and most bulldogs can't have their puppies naturally.
Raising a litter of bulldog puppies costs money!
C-sections, milk replacers, and vet checkups all add up. Bulldog puppies require round the clock care for the first several weeks,
and need to nurse every 2 hours.

Are you willing to take back a puppy if there new family can no longer care for it?
Things can and do happen, and Bulldog rescue is funded by donations. The wonderful people who rescue often donate money
of their own to help a dog in need. They open up their homes and do everything in their power to give these bulldogs a better life.
Don't add to their problem! Be responsible for what you bring into this world.
So before breeding your female ask yourself am I doing this for the right reason!